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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Super Robot Taisen Z [Preview]

Wow I haven't posted in a while I've been sorta busy... anyhow I was in Chinatown,NY last week and theres this awesome video game trading store (J&L games) that has loads of imported games from Japan. While I was there I happened to see Super Robot Taisen Z for the PSP being sold for 115$(Luckily I had 150$ in store credit) so I bought it. This game is played as a tactical RPG, which means it has a battle system like "Final Fantasy". I haven't finished this game yet So i cannot write a review on it as of now. But stay put because I will write one soon and provide download links for the game if you have a jailbroken PSP


  1. I would learn japanese just so I can play as gurren lagann!

    1. My non-Japanese speaking friends said they had no trouble playing this game so you should try it :D

  2. I'm pretty intrigued by this store.
    Wish we had something like this in Texas