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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

  Honestly, I couldn't help but drag this into my blog thats based on Japanese stuff/anime/manga.... Anyhow if you like anime loaded with sex jokes, toilet jokes and other humor as such, you will fucking love panty and stocking with garterbelt. Its the most random show I have ever watched in my entire life, yet it was so entertaining and the same time. Watching this is like being on crack mixed with ecstasy, your confused as hell and yet addicted because its so weird looking. So basically this show is about two angles who are sent to earth to fight ghosts and stuff. Their names are Panty and Stocking. Panty is a sex addicted whore who just spends like the whole series fucking every guy she sees. On the other hand Stocking is a gothic lolita who is obsessed with sweets. Both these angles live with a black priest named garterbelt. Now this is were it gets even stranger. each of these 3 characters have their own weapons which they transform from their underwear which corresponds to their names. Panty takes off her panties and transforms it into a gun. Stocking removes her stocking and transforms it into a sword and the black priest garterbelt wears a garterbelt when he fights.

Panty and stocking PV

Transformations I was talking about

Panty and Stocking EP (HD+ENGLISH SUB)1 1/2

Panty and stocking EP(HD+ENGLISH SUB)1 2/2